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May 2020 Edition

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In the May edition of Towards Net Zero, we cover:

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How to maximise energy savings as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease

Maximise energy savings

[..] Before your organisation gets the official green light to reopen, you may want to consider using this downtime strategically to plan for a smarter, more sustainable future with energy conservation measures that can help maximise energy savings.


Five ways to reduce energy costs

Save Money

Utility costs are a major business expense that often gets overlooked.  But there are practical ways to reduce energy costs.

1) Take advantage of the ATO's instant tax write-offs [...]


Grants and Rebates


Government Grants: Reduce energy costs through FREE Energy Efficiency Upgrades

For a limited time, eligible businesses can receive up to $30,000 in government grants to fund energy efficiency upgrades to reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. 

Grant applications takes time, effort and skill to maximise success. 

To support Australian businesses during this crisis, Ecosave is offering free assistance packages. 

Click to learn more and to register your interest today!


Policy updates


Clean AND Lean Energy key to economic recovery post COVID-19

Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council published a policy whitepaper calling for significant investment in clean energy projects to kickstart the economy.  Read on for a summary of the 18-page paper and Ecosave's position on the Council's recommendations...


Spot Trade Price Trends on Environmental Certificates

The prices of various Environmental Certificates (including LGCs, STCs, VEECs and ESCs) fluctuate on a daily basis; in this article we take a look at pricing movements and trends over the last several weeks and months

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Ecosave is Australia's largest independent Energy Services Company (ESCO). We specialise in energy efficiency and helping clients achieve their sustainability objectives through a full range of end-to-end solutions covering energy advisory, energy efficiency, energy management, building automation, asset maintenance and continuous commissioning services.  Ecosave has operations in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Wellington, Philadelphia and New York. We serve the government, health, education, commercial building and industrial sectors. Click here to find out more

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